Dispute Resolution Centre

If you would like to make a request for our customer support to handle a dispute between a student or tutor/coach on Cudy marketplace, you may choose to file your dispute case here for our customer support to resolve the dispute and provide a fair outcome.

Before making your request

We recommend that all buyers who have made a transaction on the Cudy marketplace have a discussion with their tutor or coach via Cudy Chat before filing a dispute request with our customer support. The information sent with a dispute request filed will be used to verify with the tutor or coach who has been filed against by our customer support.

Case processing time

Please note that dispute cases may take up to 1 week to resolve as our customer support will need to handle each case separately as well as gather information from both parties of the dispute.


All refunds will be processed with Cudy credits. If the case is in favour of the buyer, the amount that will be refunded will be credited to the buyer's Cudy account. Please note that the final amount refunded will be subjected to the full and final decision of the customer support agent handling the case. The customer support agent will investigate and consider the evidence from both parties carefully and fairly before making a conclusion on the outcome. Refunds issued will include any service fee or commissions paid to the platform. The outcome for refund cases will be:

  • No refund
  • Partial-refund
  • Full-refund

in the form of Cudy credits.

Dispute requirements

Please note that the following conditions need to be met before a dispute can be processed:

  1. The date of the dispute is under 30 days from the date of filing
  2. Only evidence that can be traced and found on the Cudy marketplace will be taken into consideration
  3. Chat histories that are not from the Cudy marketplace will not be considered
  4. Transactions that are not on the Cudy marketplace will not be considered
  5. You must have an account registered on the Cudy marketplace
Response time

Please note that it takes approximately 1 week to resolve most cases as our customer support team will have to consider each case individually as well as request for more information from the parties that are involved in the dispute. Our customer support team will contact you with the email you have provided if they require additional information from you about your case.

File a dispute